Termination of pregnancy (also called abortion) usually takes place in a hospital and needs 2 doctors to agree that you have good reason for not wanting to continue with the pregnancy. You can have an abortion in Tayside up to 19 weeks of pregnancy.


You can be referred for abortion by:


Sexual health clinic

• Your GP

The Corner

• Consulting an independent abortion provider such as British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS)


Staff will make sure that a termination of pregnancy is what you want. You can change your mind at any time before it starts. All staff will ensure your right to complete confidentiality.


There are several types of abortion available depending on how far along the pregnancy is and your general health. It is possible to have an early medical abortion in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy - this involves a drug and does not require surgery.


It is important that you seek advice as early as possible.


If you are aged between13 and 18 and are able to understand and make decisions about your own medical care, then you can consent to an abortion.  You do not need to take someone with you, either for your clinic appointment or for the procedure but it is best if you can try to involve a parent or another adult for example another family member or friend.


It is important that following the termination of pregnancy you use contraception to prevent you from becoming pregnant again. Staff will help you choose a method that suits you and contraception will be provided before you go home.


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