What are Condoms?



Condoms are a thin latex sheath that is placed over a man’s erect penis before sex to stop semen (fluid that comes out of the penis containing sperm) coming into contact with his partner’s body.


Condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs as long as they’re used properly.



Types and Sizes


Condoms come in loads of different sizes, shapes, textures and flavours so there is a type of condom to suit everyone including female condoms. It is really important that you get a condom that fits right so you may have to try a few sizes until you get the right one.


A range of free condoms, dams and lubricant are available at sexual health clinics, and youth services throughout Tayside including different sizes and flavours.  They also provide non-latex ones and female condoms.






A female condom is like a thin plastic pouch which lines the inside of a girl's vagina and stops her from getting pregnant as well as preventing STIs. They can be put in up to 8 hours before sex.


• Make sure the guy’s penis enters the condom and not between the condom and the vagina and that the open end of the condom stays outside the vagina


• If the boy is wearing a condom you shouldn't use a female condom too as they will rub against each other which might make them break


• Male and female condoms should only be used once





Dams are latex squares that make oral sex with a woman safer by preventing sexually transmitted infections.


They can also be used if you want to lick or kiss someone's anus (bum hole).

They come in a range of flavours and a non-latex version too.






Lubricant (lube) helps to make it easier and smoother for the penis to enter the vagina or anus.


• Always use water based lube with condoms


• Never use condoms with oil based products such as Vaseline, body oil or suntan oil, as these will damage the rubber. Lipstick can destroy condoms too


• Always use lubricant for anal sex because the anus has no natural lubrication


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