Internet and Mobile Use


Posting personal information online or sending someone naked pictures of yourself is a risky thing to do – remember the internet is a public space!


Photographs or messages can also attract unwanted attention from strangers who could try to take advantage of you.


Top tips:


Think through who you want to chat to and how many of your personal thoughts you want anyone to view


• Don’t post revealing pictures


Be careful who you agree to accept into your forums / private chat areas


• Only chat to people you know in the real world


If you feel anyone is being weird with you or your friends – contact the administrator of the site


If it’s really serious – like you think the person contacting you may be an adult who wants to abuse you or your mates, report the issue to Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) using ClickCEOP



Remember - test yourself by asking


“would I want my teacher/Mum/Dad/ stranger on the bus to see this?!”


If the answer’s no… don’t post or send it!


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