Getting Tested - Where?


Clinics are staffed with doctors, nurses and young peoples health workers who will talk to you about your sexual health and will not judge.


Don’t be scared or embarrassed! Anything you tell staff will be kept confidential.


If they suspect that you or another young person are at risk of harm, they might need to tell other services. But they will talk to you before they do this.


LINC clinics are special sexual health clinics for young people held throughout Tayside. These are drop-ins and can get busy so it is best to arrive as early as possible.


You can bring a partner or friend with you for support if you want.


You can also be tested at your GP or by some youth services.


To find services go to Find Help



Getting Tested - How?


If you do not have any symptoms, the tests are very simple and you do not need to be examined.


• Boys – pee into a pot

• Girls – a swab is taken by you from the vagina with a long cotton bud


A blood sample is required to test for HIV and syphilis.


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